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Whether you’re in the business of roofing, general contracting, home repair, gutters, or something similar, you chose that line of work for a reason. And serving clients with your chosen trade is what brings in money. That’s why sometimes the last thing you may want to do is spend valuable time creating marketing materials or generating leads for new business. Even if you know that doing so is necessary to eventually bring in more money, it can still be frustrating to try to navigate your way through an area of business you might not like or feel particularly skilled in. We get it—and that’s where DoneRight by Gutterglove® comes in.

What is DoneRight by Gutterglove®?

Big picture: We’re the perfect combination of high-performing, cost effective products and extensive, easy-to-use marketing tools.

The Gutterglove® portfolio of products is comprised of the Nation’s Most Trusted Gutter Guards®, and we’ve dedicated 20 years in business perfecting the design and technology to create the nation’s most effective gutter guards. Our products are made from only the highest-quality, toughest materials, like stainless steel to prevent rusting or warping over time. We’ve developed our exclusive, patented Z-Bend micromesh technology to allow our gutter guards to filter rainwater and keep out even the smallest debris better than any of our competitors, while standing up to the test of time longer than other gutter guards on the market too. And to really drive our point home, we’ve backed our gutter guards with a 40-year warranty.

When you become a part of DoneRight by Gutterglove®, you’re not only providing your clients with the best product on the market, you’re also getting all the help we can provide to make it easy for you to find clients, promote your business, and sell our product to them.

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What Do You Get with DoneRight by Gutterglove®?

Big companies can sometimes have dozens or even hundreds of people working on the advertising, marketing, and lead generation aspects of their business. But most businesses, especially smaller, locally owned ones, usually may only have one person, at best, whose job it is to generate leads and handle marketing. And if it’s not your area of expertise, it can feel pretty tedious trying to get organized, keep track, and cover all your bases.

Think of DoneRight as your very own marketing department. We know that the best thing for your business is for you to focus on what you do best. So DoneRight by Gutterglove was created to make it as efficient and easy as possible for you to create advertising and marketing materials and generate leads. We’ve built a user-friendly online portal with an extensive library of professional photos, design assets, and templated materials to customize for your business. Door hangers, mailers, social media ads—you name it.

Having all of this collateral at your fingertips makes it easy for you to customize how you promote your business and do so at your own pace. You can take advantage of as many or as few of the assets we provide as you see fit for your business. It’s your business, after all—we’re just here to help you grow it.

One unique way we do that is by sourcing qualified leads from homeowners seeking gutter guard installation in your area. And our online portal makes it easy to access those leads and keep track of where they are in the sales funnel.

Of course, we also know that all the tools and materials in the world can only go so far without a quality support system. Don’t worry: We’ve got you covered there too. We have a network of Partner Relationship Managers strategically located throughout the country, and you’ll be assigned to one of these product experts when you join DoneRight. No matter what your preferred method of contact is—online, by phone, or in person—your Partner Relationship Manager will always be available to answer any questions you have about Gutterglove, our gutter guards, installation and the warranty, and pitching the product to your clients.

Why Should You Join DoneRight?

This is a program the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else. Other companies can boast that they have an effective product, a great warranty, or a customer support team, but none of them have spent years building a trusted relationship with professional installers and contractors around the country like we have. More than that, Gutterglove is a company dedicated to serving all of our customers to the best of our abilities. For that to be possible, we commit to:

Our purpose to Guard What Matters Most®. Your home. Your family. Your time. Your business. The partnership we build with you based on trust and high standards. What matters most to our customers, including our contractors, is as diverse as the customers themselves. Whatever your priorities are, we’re committed to helping you protect them.

Our promise to Do It Right. Do It Once.® As a professional in the home care industry, you know better than anyone the value of doing a job well and doing it once. Like you, we’re not fans of re-work or false promises. And we’re always listening—if you think there’s a way for us to do something even better than we are, we want to hear about it.

Our mission to Protect Every Gutter on Every Home. We’re not afraid of big, audacious goals. In the 20 years we’ve been in business, we’ve already come a long way toward achieving this bold mission. And we couldn’t have gotten where we are without the trusted network of professionals that make up DoneRight by Gutterglove®. We also know we need even more dedicated, hardworking individuals to join this network to continue on this journey to put gutter guards on every home in North America.

If our purpose, promise, and mission resonate with you, then we think you’d find a home here at DoneRight by Gutterglove®, working together with people just as passionate as you are to succeed and provide a valuable service to your customers.

We know no matter how successful a business gets, there’s always room to grow. Become a part of DoneRight by Gutterglove® and grow with us, because together, we can not only grow your business—and your revenue—faster, but, more importantly, stronger.

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