DoneRight by Gutterglove is proud to connect you with Lend Home Improvements, a full-service national home improvement lending platform that will give you the ability to offer your customers a loan of up to $100,000 for any home improvement project.

There are no hidden contractor fees, credit cards, or prepayment penalties.

The benefits of using the LendHi platform to provide home improvement financing and loans include:

LendHi offers financing that won’t saddle you with unnecessary contractor fees or charges. When you trust LendHi as your lending partner, you and your customer can get that dream project done without sacrificing more of your hard-earned money.

Getting started is quick and easy!

Step One: Click here to create your account the First Look Lender (for prime loans), as well as an account for the 2nd Look Lender (for sub-prime loans).

Step Two: Schedule a training session with the financiers to learn the basics: account setup, working a loan, and program overviews.

Step Three: Save and share your personal loan links with your customers!

Once you have your accounts set up, follow the instructions on this simple guide to download the application to your phone and launch your first customer application!

Common Questions About Financing through LendHi.